Tired of working from home? Here’s what to look for at a coworking space.

India, like most of the country, is starting to emerge from the COVID lockdown. You and thousands of others were suddenly forced to work from home, and you’re probably getting tired of it. The coworking world is taking extra physical distancing precautions so remote workers and freelancers can safely cowork. The friendly hello in the morning to another actual real-life person, pouring a fresh pot of locally crafted coffee, and a simple walk to an office can be a blessing that we took for granted. If you are ready to get out of the house and start working from a coworking space, here a few things to consider.

What makes a coworking space great for remote workers

Extra Monitors are a Must

At your regular office and at your home office you probably have a second external monitor. If not, you should. Extra monitors have proven to make people more productive and they help keep your back and neck in an ergonomic position. External monitors are good for your work flow and good for you health.

Phone Booths for Conference Calls

Now that the entire team is working remotely, you are probably on Zoom calls for several hours a day. A coworking space that is designed for remote workers should phone booths and meetings rooms for people to talk freely in on a confereence call. You should still have headphones on when in the phone booth, they usually aren’t soundproof so it’s a nice courtesy to your neighbors.

24/7 Availability for Wokrers

You are probably like most remote workers in Indian Cities and you work in a different time zone.This means that you usually start your day early or later than your local go-to-the-office friends. Coworking speaces should have flexible office hours and not force people to work a 9 to 7 workday. One of the most beautiful things about working remote is flexibility.

A Friendly and Smart Community

You don’t want to work to work in uncomfortable silience with uninterested people. You want to get out of the house and be with friends, have interesting conversations, and be able to ask for help if you run into a problem. Ya know, just like a normal office. Your new coworking space should have a strong community and a culture of openness that makes you feel welcome. This is difficult to judge from a tour or just one day, but it’s going to be the most important thing.

No Hidden Fees or Complicated Contracts

A coworking plan for remote workers should be as simple as signing up for Netflix. A coworking space should not have a long complicated contract with hidden fees for kitchen access, coffee, or move out fees. It should be straightforward and simple.

If you follow these guidelines on finding your new coworking space, then you are well on your way to getting out of your house and becoming a happy remote worker again.


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