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Who We Are

Propques offers workspace solutions designed to modify, adapt, and meet the demands of modern businesses.

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What We Do

Providing specialized programs and tactics that will help you grow, and prosper in the coworking space industry.

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Our Process

Our strategy entails assessing your current working style and corporate objectives to construct a functional and effective workplace.

Coworking Experts

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Our Business

Propques’ team of coworking experts has fostered community growth for the past twelve years. It’s an exhilarating experience to be involved in coworking, and we are here to empower the forthcoming cohort of property owners, coworking operators, and newcomers to shape the coworking industry’s future.

Our widely used platform makes coworking simple, adaptable, and responsive while workplaces are customized to meet the specific requirements of established and expanding enterprises. Our team of experts has a reputation for creating unique solutions that let clients maximize their potential and revenues.

Revolutionary Ideology

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We develop operationally effective business models that boost ROIs and pave the way for long-term success by providing specialized solutions and corresponding insights.

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Be Addicted
To Bettering

We advise and empower our clients to create, utilize, and sustain flexible workplaces by delivering exceptional services. This way, our clients are able to have a successful career while feeling fulfilled both professionally and personally.

We offer businesses the freedom and agility they need to expand and meet the constantly evolving demands of the modern workplace.

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Our Services

Co-operation has been the essence of Propques since we commenced as a business. Our organization was established in the coworking space with assistance from several members who shared our “open code” value.
Being an innovative coworking consultancy, our diverse team, which specializes in co-culture, often collaborates to develop & explore innovative work models, enabling our clients to thrive.

Our Process

The Output

At Propques, we believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration are key to driving an enterprise forward. Our workspace fosters an ecosphere of curiosity, innovation, purpose, and Possibility, where members can pose inquiries, interact, and collaborate to create unique solutions.

Our clients rely on us to help them overcome their sales and revenue barriers, which results in steadily increasing ROI, monetization of underutilized space, risk mitigation, expansion, and unwavering support.

Our Purpose

Propques is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations alike as we all transition into this new age of work brought on by technology. We believe that there’s no need to sacrifice security and stability when making this shift and that’s why we offer corporate consulting services and coworking guidance. This way, we can help set our clients up for success as they move into the future.
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Our Responsibility

We have been influencing the path of coworking for over eight years. With the help of a broad range of services, our Propques team can turn your new or existing workspace into one that responds to shifting needs and changes in employee preferences. Every client has a unique operational style. As a result, we use a tailored strategy, shaping our services to complement both your brand and operation style.

Perks with Us

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Efficiency-focused design

To reduce productivity loss and maximize ROI, our process places a strong emphasis on design.

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Future-proof Services

We construct spaces with the prospect of evolution, whether you're making plans for two, five, or ten years in the future.

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Designed for professionals

Our strategy enables you to attract and retain talent by prioritizing the end-users of the space.

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Enhanced value

To reduce expenses, we merge our design and strategy into a single framework.

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