Attracting Old and New Members Back to Your Coworking Space

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It goes without saying that the global pandemic has been an extremely challenging period for coworking spaces all over the world. With millions of people forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus and offices closing their doors, many coworking spaces have been forced to pause their operations too. But thanks to developments in COVID treatments, now finally in sight — which means that this difficult time for work spaces may soon be over.

Given this, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring people — both old and new — back to your coworking space. To help you get started, we’ve prepared four tips that’ll help get your establishment back on track.

Prioritize Health and Safety

While the pandemic remains (and even after it’s over), you have to do your best to protect the health and safety of everyone in your coworking space. Having good health protocols will be a huge draw for many customers, especially with many people still wary about going out.

So how do you go about doing this? Aside from regularly cleaning and enforcing social distancing in your space, having contactless transactions is important in boosting customer confidence and keeping your own team safe too.

Offer A Free Trial

One great way to bring in new people is to let them try your space out for free. And while this may seem like an unnecessary cost at the start, it could prove to be quite beneficial for your coworking space in the long run. By offering a free trial, you’re tapping into a certain group of people that are less likely to avail of your services on their own accord.

Make Use of Ergonomic Office Equipment

Perhaps the most significant effect that the pandemic had on workplaces is triggering the abrupt shift to remote work. But while remote working has allowed companies to stay afloat and continue their operations, it isn’t exactly the best method of work for all professionals. Unfortunately, a survey on The Manifest reveals that only 30% of workers are more productive at home.

Indeed, not having access to proper equipment and conducive rooms are huge factors to efficiency and productivity. As such, you can attract customers by providing what their home offices cannot, such as ergonomic office equipment. Pain Free Working’s article on the best ergonomic chairs states that proper ergonomics is an absolute necessity if you’re looking to improve the overall wellbeing of workers. After all, it helps them perform their jobs comfortably without putting a strain on their bodies — especially after all those months of putting up with their dining tables and couches at home.

Create a Referral Program

The global pandemic has reminded us of the importance of having a community. Having a healthy and positive community is a huge factor when it came to retaining members. This is why it isn’t at all surprising to know that you can once again lean on your coworking space community to attract new members.

A referral program can help bring in a lot of new people. All you have to do is come up with a rewards system (maybe in the form of a discount) for your current members who bring a new person into the coworking space. This can be pretty effective since people tend to trust the opinions and recommendations of people within their own circles.

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