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At our core, we are a workspace operating company. Our partnership involves turning your office floors into a vibrant and stunning workspace ecosystem, tailored to your brand and with your complete input and control.


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As an Indian asset owner, think of Propques as your go-to flex space management platform, focusing on the thriving coworking sector. We work hand-in-hand with landlords like you to build and run attractive white-label workspaces that perfectly adapt to the ever-changing preferences and needs of today's hybrid workforce.

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Whether you possess a singular office edifice or manage a diverse property portfolio, our proficiency enables strategic optimization of your space. We adeptly tailor environments to meet evolving occupier preferences, offering requisite amenities. Entrust us to unlock your property's full potential and allure for tenants.

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Book your complimentary 30-Minute Consultation today to explore the launch or enhancement of your coworking space. Share your objectives and vision, and our seasoned professionals will furnish you with meticulous guidance, valuable tips, and industry insights. Elevate your coworking venture with strategic expertise.

Flexible Workspace Specialist

Adarsh aims to help as many people as possible in making their names for themselves in the flexible workspace industry. He accomplished this by drawing on my extensive industry knowledge, operational proficiency, and more than eight years of experience operating across the nation. He collaborates directly with asset owners to launch co-working spaces, creating a profitable business strategy and building a healthy shared space community.
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coworking franchise in India with office space like never imagined

What We Do

We can help you earn more money from your property by making it more attractive and charging higher rent than the usual rates. Book a free consultation with us to find out how.

Marketing & Branding Lead

Thomas helps coworking and shared office spaces attract more people to rent their spaces. He uses special marketing plans that are made just for your space. This way, you can get more people to rent your space and make more money.

Coworking is a new way of working where people work together in the same space. People like coworking because they can meet new people, have a better work-life balance, and be more productive. But, because more and more coworking spaces are being built, it’s harder to stand out.

Thomas wants to help coworking spaces get noticed by using the internet. He has some special plans to help you get more people to rent your space, and to keep them renting it for a long time. This will help you make more money and be more successful.

Leverage Our Expertise

With us, you get a bunch of benefits: we’ll support you in design and development, handle sales and marketing, and bring our expertise in community activation. You won’t experience any downtime, and occupancy will increase rapidly, so you can start making money right away.

Design & Management: We believe in transparency and collaboration with landlords. From designing and branding your space to daily operations, we work closely with you, providing real-time performance dashboards.

Development: We work with experienced architects to make the space appealing and suitable for flexible workspace demands.

Marketing: Thanks to our strong connections with enterprise members, we can fill your building with tenants, creating a vibrant community and a profitable business.

Our Services

We assist you in determining the practicality of your vision, floor plan, and member models throughout your entire portfolio or on a single site. Utilize our proven methods to create a successful facility and service strategy.
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An underperforming standalone building was refurbished into an attractive & promising managed office space with a bucketful of recreational facilities—the result was increased revenue with over 90% office occupancy.

Innovative & research-backed facelift of a strategically located commercial space into a well-facilitated hybrid office to tap the nearby home office needs.

Over 1.6X increase in the rental rate of the corporate property.  3X increase in the occupancy rate in just 6 months. Complete marketing & strategic makeover to increase the visibility & revenue generation.

100% occupancy in less than 3 months. Increased rental income by 42 rs. Assistance in revenue increase by 3X. Achieved great results with optimum occupancy with multiple clients,.

An unoccupied villa refurbished into an attractive and promising coworking café. Rising to optimum occupancy with a bucketful of office facilities along with delectable food.

Growth in the rental income of workspaces by almost 75%. Increased 60-70% occupancy rate throughout the year and continuous cash flow. Complete strategic makeover to increase leads, revenue generation, and proper visibility.

Be a part of the Future

The flexible workspace industry is projected to expand by 600% by 2030, with approximately 30% of all global office space transitioning to hybrid workspaces during that time.


By 2030, flexible consumption will account for the usage of all office space worldwide.

Our Team

Coworking spaces brand lead Thomas
Swithen Thomas

Marketing & Branding Lead

coworking space specialist adarsh dixit
Adarsh Mohan Dixit

Flexible Workspace Specialist

coworking space designer
Ankit Ahir
Space Designer
coworking space manager
Fozia Khan

Eco Manager

digital marketing manager
Varun Gupta

Digital Marketer

UI designer
Kavish Ahmed

UI and Service Designer

Our Promise In The Indian Markets: Profitable Office Space Transformation

With our vast experience of over 8 years, we are your ideal partner in turning your office space into a lucrative business. Together, we’ll manage everything from feasibility studies, design, construction, to the ongoing operation of your flexible amenity. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your property and generate revenue with confidence.

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Excel Coworks – Naagarabhaavi, Bangalore 3rd Floor, Tushar Arcade, Service Road, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072



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