How To Be Expand/Start Your Coworking Space at New Location with Right Decision

We know there’s a lot of uncertainty and questions when you’re first deciding if flex office space is the right move for your property or a property you’re interested in. We’re here to provide you with the research and analytics to answer those questions. The first step is to run a Demand Analysis Report based on your property’s demographics to green light your pursuit of flex office space.

What is a Demand Analysis? 

Propques priority is to provide our clients with critical knowledge of consumer behavior before next steps are made past the back of the napkin math. The first step is knowing whether or not the location of your future coworking space is sustainable for the market. Our Demand Analysis research is conducted with over seven years of experience in the coworking industry. We determine whether you can successfully enter the market and obtain expected profit based on the demographics of your location, sustainable square footage of your space, and a customer demand forecast in that area. The Demand Analysis is a crucial step in your coworking business model and provides essential insights for the decision making process. 

What You’ll Learn from the Demand Analysis:

  • How much square feet of flex space can be supported in the area
  • The business model and build out that work best for the area
  • The type of building that can be used for for the coworking operation
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This is a sample report for a space in Jaipur showing that 17,000 SF of flex office space is suitable for the market in this area based on the local demographics and provides suggested coworking models of High-end to Flexible Office suits.

What does Propques do?

A successful flex office space depends on the ability to identify and satisfy its customers needs. Propques research will identify the market, assess the business cycle, make sure your coworking style meets a particular niche market in the area, and determine your competitive advantages. These will be determined through a careful assessment with real numbers and local market research that you can trust. 

To begin your process, set up a call with a Propques Expert to discuss your need for a Demand Analysis Report. We will tell it to you straight because we want to insure confidence in your process.

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