Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Coworking Members Happy

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Are Your Coworking Members Happy? The answer to this question alone is enough to predict the future of your coworking business. As a coworking manager, you must understand that establishing a shared office location and filling it with clients is half the battle won for a coworking space. However, it does not guarantee long-term success.

To ensure a profitable and thriving business, you must invest your time and resources to turn your members into happy and loyal customers.

In this blog, we will list out the Top 3 ways with which you can keep your coworking members happy.

Focus on the Basics

Comfort & productivity, social & professional network and flexibility are some basic set of needs that a coworking space must provide to satisfy its members:

The resources invested by a coworking manager must focus equally on these basic needs.


    • Comfort and productivity go hand in hand, therefore, ensuring that resources like fully furnished spaces, High-speed Wifi/Internet connection, climate control systems, etc are available to the members would help increase productivity and comfort of your members. 

    • A unique feature that helps coworking spaces stand out against traditional offices is the ability to help its members socialise and network with like-minded people from different professions. Having quality members helps boost this base need for a coworking space.

    • Coworking spaces must be designed to provide flexibility to its members. Amenities like 24/7 access, month-to-month terms, etc. should help you to make your coworking space more flexible.

Promise what you can Deliver 

To lure more members, many coworking spaces promise special perks like community events, happy hours, complimentary snacks, etc. which they fail to deliver later-on. This is one of the common reasons as to why members leave a coworking space. Over-promising can also have a huge negative impact on the brand-value of coworking space. Therefore,  landlords/service providers must be transparent about their services from the beginning itself.

At Propques, we believe in absolute transparency between members and coworking space providers. Why? Because without transparency members struggle to build meaningful relationships with the coworking service providers.

We have a panel of experts that checks the transparency and authenticity of a coworking space. This helps us to connect a coworking space user with the best coworking space available.

Stay in touch with your Members and ask for Regular Feedback

Ensure that your coworking space manager directly interacts with all the members of your coworking community. Daily communication can increase a sense of belonging among your members. 

Some common activities like:


    • Introducing new members to other members 

    • Rewarding members for their accomplishments

    • Loyalty programs

can greatly boost their morale. 

Getting direct user feedback is also very important for your coworking business. It will help you know about your shortcomings and how to improve them. Here are some quick ways to get valuable feedback from your members:


    • Approach them directly

    • Install a suggestion-box

    • Many customers don’t feel like filling out long, tedious surveys so try asking them for their opinion in a more casual setting. 

Try to make some easy suggested changes, like more snack items or weekly community events right away to assure your members that you are serious about their feedback. 

Bottom Line

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. Making a customer happy is not an easy task but if you can focus on these basic steps mentioned above then your coworking brand will definitely outperform many of its competitors.

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