Top 5 Reasons Why Students Choose Coworking Spaces

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Co-working spaces were traditionally used by startups, freelancers or business owners but in recent times there has been an upward trend in students who are planning to join coworking spaces. Coworking spaces tend to provide students with a professional atmosphere and an opportunity to collaborate and socialise with people from different professions. In this blog, we are going to list out 5 reasons why students choose coworking spaces. 


One of the best things about coworking space is that it provides students with so much flexibility. Most of the coworking spaces are open 24/7 which provides the students with the flexibility to work during the late hours, early in the morning or just for long stretches of time. Propques also allows students to opt for an hourly or daily subscription if they do not want to pay for a monthly plan.  

Increased Productivity

According to a survey, more than 76% of people who work from a coworking space have admitted an increase in their productivity. While using a coworking space, students can focus on their work without any interruptions. It forces them to stick to a more efficient work schedule thus, allowing them to do more work which in turn increases their productivity.


There are endless opportunities for networking in a coworking space. When you step through the doors of a coworking space, you are met with dozens of people from different professions. As a student, you can get a chance to interact with them and learn from the business people themselves. You can learn things that you may never have otherwise considered.


The general stereotype of a coworking space is that it’s a fun place where people can work as well as enjoy themselves at the same time. Most of the coworking spaces provide with loads of benefits and resources like:


    • Gyms/exercise facilities

    • Cafeteria

    • High-Speed WiFi

    • Surveillance and Security

    •  Game Area

    • Social Events

    • Snacks/meals

These facilities attract a lot of young entrepreneurs and students and the good thing is that they are included in the subscription costs.

Preparation For The Future

While working from a coworking space, students can learn so much from the people who are already working in the industry. Many statistics show that the traditional office setting is becoming obsolete and that shared workspace will be the office of the future. By choosing a coworking space students can prepare themselves for the collaborative office space they may find themselves in when they enter the real job world.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of using a coworking space are becoming well-known among youths like students and young entrepreneurs. Students are in love with the idea of working in a shared space and the opportunities that come with it. After the pandemic, as more students choose to work online, the demand for a shared workspace where individuals can meet their colleagues and work together will only increase.

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