An unoccupied villa refurbished into an attractive and promising coworking café. Rising to optimum occupancy with a bucketful of office facilities along with delectable food.
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Growth in the rental income of workspaces


occupancy rate through0ut the year


Growth in the rental income of workspaces by almost 75%. Increased 60-70% occupancy rate throughout the year and continuous cash flow. Complete strategic makeover to increase leads, revenue generation, and proper visibility.
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WorkJar’s founder Mr. Rishabh Sanghvi owned a villa in Indore. The villa belonged to his family and has been non-occupied since 1985. The multi-floor villa was spread over 3000 sqft along with a garden. Accessibility to different floors was provided through a staircase in the hall.

The first significant challenge Mr. Rishabh Sanghvi faced was related to rental income. The residential rental income of the property could not satisfy the monetization completely. The villa was even unoccupied for several years.

Due to the emotional connectivity with the villa, demolishing it was impossible. It resulted in the second problem that a new building or a house cannot be constructed in that place.

To solve these two challenges, Mr. Rishabh Sanghvi approached the experts at Propques to make the villa monetizable. The experts started their analysis to resolve the issue.

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Experts at Propques started formulating solutions to generate regular income through the villa. We suggested converting the villa into a coworking café. It would act as a café and a coworking space altogether. It would not require demolishing the villa.

We suggested providing top-notch food along with café-based services. It would also include vending machines and coffee machines. Due to this, several individuals, like freelancers, content writers, influencers, and architects, can work creatively and enjoy fantastic food and beverages.

We ideated to convert the inner space of the villa into a coworking space and the outer space into a café. The villa’s terrace area was also considered and converted into a café design.

Efforts were taken to design the villa thematically. The villa was renovated into a Greece country-based house infused with Greek architecture. It proved attractive for creators and freelancers to work with satisfaction.

We also suggested conducting workshops in the café. It would enable creators to conduct workshops and attend them, to grow one’s network and build a community.

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The Siolim coworking café was started in July 2022, and the market accepted it immediately. It showed incredible growth within six months. The 3000 sqft villa now attracts several creators, freelancers, and individuals to work on their projects. It also allows them to savor unique delicacies.

The café attracts several individuals regularly. On Sundays, it is highly occupied and is growing week by week. On the other hand, the coworking space is already experiencing a community of thirty to forty members.

The main USP of the Siolim center is to develop a community. It is a place where individuals share their thoughts and processes. It enables them to share their network and contacts to grow together. It is a successful implementation that generates regular income and helps creators.

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