Flex Office Space Utilization After 2020 – Solutions & Predictions

As companies are looking for a more flexible office space format and remote workers requesting part-time offices away from home, the workspace sector seems to be on its path to reach normalcy. On that positive note, here are the emerging space utilization trends that our experts predict to be essential for a new normal world.

Declutter the Floor

coworking space
Declutter the Floor

We are breaking out divisions into separate offices because adjacent offices with glass in between provide the feeling of proximity. This redesigning idea helps retain the division of space while also enhancing the buzz of energy and exchanging ideas. We are also enabling coworking businesses design lounge spaces and break-out spaces to collaborate or work alongside each other. These areas eliminate the sense of silo created by the more conventional office and cubicle grid format. Of course, all floor plan design changes are undertaken with COVID-19 compliance safety in mind.

Our team is designing easy access zones for hand-sanitizers, gloves, and masks. We are informing our clients and their property managers on the importance of frequent disinfecting and social contracts like not using the middle seats of couches or following social distancing.

Activity-Based Working Spaces

Introduce activity-based working spaces designed for the type of work an employee needs to do on a given day.

For example:

  • Open and comfortable areas for group work sessions
  • Isolated quiet areas
  • Open lounge areas

These spaces boost efficiency and productivity as coworkers can choose the space they find the most comfort in depending on the task they need to complete. These features in a coworking space increase interaction and collaboration and foster creative thinking and innovation.

Fresh Air & Natural Sunlight

According to an HBR study in 2019, natural sunlight was the #1 factor for employee happiness. This holds particularly true for the current scenario as we have employees working from home for months together. So, the trend for natural sunlight and fresh air is here to stay and become essential.

We encourage the use of terraces and sunny offices with windows in your workspace.

Flexible Leases

The demand for flexible leases is accelerating steadily, with a steep trajectory from 5% to 30%. Not only startups and medium-sized companies, but also large enterprises are opting for coworking spaces over traditional office setups because the immediate return to normal requires teams to rotate days onsite. So, financially speaking, coworking spaces look like a smart idea due to the flexibility in leases offered by them.

We are helping coworking space owners to chalk out new lease agreements and membership plans to attract clients.

We expect this overview to inspire everyone to update the workstation environment by bringing the new standard. When done correctly, it will motivate coworkers to stay productive and efficient.

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