The Coworking Onboarding Process: A Crucial Aspect for Retaining Members

New members joining the flexible spaces, while some are new to it, some are not, and what welcomes them first is the co-working onboarding process. And with the situation around, this process holds even more importance now. When competition is on a high and seeing the growing market, every flexible space operator is trying something different.

Why is the coworking onboarding process crucial?

Technically, the coworking onboarding process is the face of a flexible space, which greets and comforts the fresh members flocking. However, not to undermine, this process is also crucial when we talk about retaining members in a flexible space. Multiple unsuccessful and negatively rated coworking have a mismanaged and disorderly onboarding procedure.

This process needs documentation so that a proper routine and pattern are present. Also, it helps in tracking errors and suggesting changes. One of the most important benefits of this process, it helps in retaining the members, as it is quite a widely known fact that it is easier to keep good members than attracting new ones.

Elements to consider in a coworking onboarding process! 

Now, when we know the vitality of this process, we must figure out the ingredients that cook up a promising onboarding strategy. These elements are a must for a new or to improve an existing process. One can notice the difference in productivity after including these methods, as they closely relate to uplifting member satisfaction for space

1.Cheer the new members for their joining decision

New members are often surrounded with confusion, whether they made the right decision about joining a flexible space or not. A simple method is to drop a welcome email that pats their back and motivates them for future success.

However, making welcome videos will hurt your community manager’s schedule with extra responsibility. But, one can use apps like Loom for creating an effective one. But, what to mention in these videos is also a crucial thing.

  • Start with congratulating them for their decision to join.
  • Educate them on the onboarding process features, how it will benefit and how it relates, etc.
  • Scan them, figure out what they have in their mind, and promote that aspect of your space that will entertain and comfort them the most.
  • Welcome with suggestions like which existing member they should connect to, as you feel that person matches their vibe. It will make them feel that they are vital for space. And will instil a feeling that they are at the right place.
  • Also, you can guide them to an in-person onboarding meeting for more details.

2. Coworking onboarding process to introduce them to space

This element is vital, as a new member doesn’t know your space and will struggle to find and use the facilities. It will make him uncomfortable and will lessen his desire to continue with the place.

For resolving this struggle and discomfort, it is crucial to introduce them to space. A proper introduction will help to recognize and value the facilities available. Also, this will instil a sense of pleasure and comfort in them and help them move around with ease. And consequently will build a supportive experience for space and will positively affect their decision to stay.

3. Introduce them to space culture and community norms

Members joining will either be someone who switched to this space from another one or can be the one who is new to this concept. If a member is naive to the coworking concept, he will be unknown to its culture and etiquettes. While, if the member has already used a service, will be familiar with etiquettes but might bring some bad or upsetting habits from the past.

To resolve this issue, it is a must to don the ‘Den Mom’ hat and clarify the rules to the new members like leaving dishes and items anywhere is not allowed, don’t leave writing on the whiteboards, etc. Members will not feel offended if you strictly clarify the rules and culture to them, obviously with a hint of humour.

4. The coworking onboarding process should focus on a positive experience in the Last week

A positive experience in the first 7-days at a space gets the members motivated and feel promising about the place, says research studies. Joining is not a big deal for some people but, for some, it is an investment. And, you have to convince and assure them that they have invested in the right place.

Everyone has got their reasons for joining, and for that, it is crucial to sit down with them in person and understand their needs and expectations. For a brief idea, we can pen down some general member profiles for reference.

Member profile 1: One can encounter some new members who have switched to theirs after the last one got closed or something. These members are known to the concept, and introducing them to facilities and effectiveness of flexible space is not a big task.

But, these members can carry some relaxed approach and bad habits from the past one. It will be a troublesome situation for the current one, as their routine may not fit in or disrupt the environment. It is best to talk to them to understand their expectations, including them in onboarding meetings. But, do not force them for meetings or lunch, let them feel comfortable, show hospitality towards them by providing supplies.

Member profile2: Some members from the corporate background will opt for a space to escape the distractions of working at home. They will not be aware of the etiquettes, as the atmosphere here is quite different from home.

Member Profile 3: These members are the toughest ones to persuade, as they are the ones who opted for a space for some networking interest or to build some referrals. These people are more concerned about the ROI factor of the membership fees.

It is tough to motivate them but can be possible through personal interaction. And by heightening the interest by introducing to other members.

Bottom Line

The coworking onboarding process is crucial, especially when you have competition in your area. So, having an effective one to know your members better in the first week is a must for successful member retention.

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