Pre-sell coworking space: more than a marketing plan, it’s a mindset.

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Who would not love to have some members enrolled in their coworking space even before the launch? Pre-sell coworking space if you want to experience this phenomenon for your property also. But, more than a marketing tactic, pre-selling is an approach. An approach that lets you have a vision, believe it and cultivate the support of others on the journey to success.

Plan to pre-sell coworking space, your mindset matters!

Preparing your marketing plans extensively for your coworking is essential to achieve promising sales returns but, your efforts may go to waste if your mindset is not correct. It is crucial to have the right approach for the flexible space, diversification of marketing tools, and member enrolment. 

It is essential to have the right approach to pre-sell coworking space. Right attitude helps to realize the value of your coworking and helps to have a clear frame of mind. Your mindset makes the difference as it is the deciding factor behind the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It will be hard for you to identify your targets if your approach is not in the right direction. You will be confused between the actual methods to apply for making an impact on the potential customers.

Mindset is the reason why some coworking operators excel, while some perish despite having similar opportunities. Formulating your marketing policies in advance is beneficial if you plan to pre-sell coworking space. And with the right attitude, you can achieve that target feasibly. 

Become a visionary to pre-sell coworking space

We talk about gathering knowledge and understanding about the coworking space when we ask someone to become a visionary. When one realizes the value and vision of the coworking space, only then motivating others to become part of it is possible. That brings us to a category of successful species of coworking operators, the visionaries or the action-takers

Visionaries keep no stone unturned and campaign for their space through word of mouth and other mediums. They believe that their coworking space holds a distinct value in the industry. And, they are providing a fully-serviced work platform to the community, which will help small businesses scale up. They constantly look into available options through research to add more amenities to their workspace.

As visionaries are clear about the effectiveness of marketing efforts, they can pre-sell coworking space. They can attract some people to their concept, which will help them to have more people when coworking opens up. With more sales, they are supposed to have faster returns on investment. 

Reading the lines above, one will be more than ready to become a visionary. One must vigorously perform some activities that will be missing in the inactive lot.


    • Formulating online and offline marketing strategy in detail; evaluating mediums for maximum effectiveness.

    • Spreading news about the coming space among the members of a local business group or association.

    • Have a strategic discussion with local associations to host their events, to reach out to potential members.

    • Organizing tours and off-site presentations for potential customers to pre-sell coworking space.

    • Procuring local signboards at a probable meeting place for business holders like coffee shops.

    • Scheduling kiosks at local events for awareness and exposure.

    • Follow-up of interested members.


    • Using social media panels for updates about construction progress. 

    • Co-coordinating with bloggers, social media influencers to promote workspace, build a long-term relationship with them.

    • Use Google Adwords and other paid promotion mediums. 

    • Professional photoshoot of the space focused on highlighting the positive features of the place. 

    • Organizing a grand opening party in the presence of local dignitaries and popular names in the area. 

Apart from that, there are some other things an action-taker needs to do, like providing discounts to early members or negotiating with clients for free membership for some time. Having some early members at the place motivates the potential customers doing the tour. One can also have those early members at the time of the photoshoot to attract eyeballs.

Visionaries have a marketing budget and timeline in place; that helps them to execute plans and to pre-sell coworking space. They are social media friendly and use digital marketing techniques to the best. They ask their family, friends, colleagues to review their space for good reviews; to attract customers. They are always busy posting photos, building organic SEO, and putting member logos on the website, for sharing space growth.

Visionaries are pretty much clear that no space could be perfect. A perfect coworking at the time of opening is not possible. But, for sure, one can create a better space slowly and steadily, with the support of early members and staff. And, this is why they consider marketing and awareness essential for the business.

Want to pre-sell coworking space; never be the opposite of visionary!

When not being a visionary, a person falls on the other side, the deferrers, the person who believes that people buy those things only that are visible to their eyes. It makes them go for a full-furnished space with an open sign before reaching others for sale and membership.

With no pre-selling in mind, marketing campaigns get planned accordingly, which snatches the pre-selling opportunity. It reduces involvement with local businesses and potential members, which leads to low or nil pre-selling. However, the need is to increase the engagement and effectiveness of marketing plans; expert services of Propques can be handy in that. One can connect to a qualified team at Propques to redefine their business approach. 

Deferrers have the energy and the potential to pre-sell coworking space and to bring in new members. But, as they do not find the raw space worthy enough to attract potential members, they postpone their marketing plans. It is why these types of sellers are not considered fruitful for the coworking business. Their approach is not favourable to the marketing and networking plans and may hurt in the long run.

Realize the difference!

Bottom Line

Being a visionary is better for your coworking and yourself, for you build so many contacts. And, even if you were a deferrer all the time, switch to another one now for better results. The new approach will help in pre-selling and also in future activities.

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