Co-working community manager- A common thread to all the pearls

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A co-working not only sells spaces to a client, but it also transforms a space to perfectly suit their needs. A co-working community manager helps prolifically in that, as he is the face of the co-working. He also deals with multiple tasks throughout his working day, which ensures smooth operations of a co-working.

Why do we need a community manager? 

Someone has to keep things right in a co-working; someone has to maintain the operational discipline at the place; someone has to take care of the members at a co-working. Has to make sure all the services are up to the mark, failing which, the chances are high that a co-working fails miserably to deliver to its members, and comes out as a big disappointment for the owner and clients. 

community manager takes care of the daily operations of a co-working and is also responsible for connecting members, serving them efficiently, and attracting potential clients to it. He looks after the marketing activities of the co-working and is answerable for the implementation of regular marketing activities. He serves as a common link between the various departments and helps in building a more efficient operations team. As he is much closer to co-workers than other staff, he comes up with valuable inputs for every user-related activity.   

The confusion about the necessity of a community manager!


However, there is common disorientation regarding them in a flexible workplace. Which is, what community managers do the whole day? Are we going to need them from the start of operations? Are they doing their work efficiently? Or can we assign some more responsibilities to them? 

This confusion is avoidable only if we know their role in co-working. And also understand the responsibilities or tasks they have to do generally on a working day. Only then estimating whether a community manager is up to the mark is possible. And, this will also help us figure out whether we can assign some more tasks to them without hurting their role. 

Daily tasks of a community manager

When talking about what consumes the most of the daily time of a community manager, we can list out some responsibilities or tasks.


    • He starts his day by reaching the co-working place well before the other staff and the members. For, someone needs to be there for welcoming when people start pouring in. 


    • community manager is responsible for maintain safety and hygiene at the place. Generally, twice a day, but, as late-night meets may have created some mess, it’s his responsibility to look after cleanliness and hygiene to welcome the members in the morning, with a fresher work environment. In the wake of the current situation of COVID-19, hygiene and safety have become paramount.

    • Mail management is another aspect under his supervision; he is accountable for communication going internally and externally. He has to look after that all members are informed of any notice by mail or print communication. Also, he is the link between the external sources and the core staff. 

    • From morning to evening, refreshment breaks are a must for co-workers and the staff, and a good coffee takes away the lethargy. Multiple pleasant coffee breaks during the whole day are his responsibility.


    • Sending newsletters according to the pre-scheduled calendar is his responsibility. Newsletter publishing has two areas: first for members and second for marketing activities.  

    • community manager is closer to members than other staff, and members prefer to come to him in case of any doubt or query. So, he must be able to resolve them pleasingly.

    • Member management is also a crucial part of his job routine. He has to look after the registration and allocation of new members. Also, he is responsible for de-registration and clearing off-board members. This part provides data for space and seat availability on the online portal, and space allocation depends highly on it.

    • community manager is responsible for social media marketing and tracking offline marketing activities and events to attract potential customers.

    • A workplace tour for new or potential members is also his responsibility. Also, it may happen in between, as workspaces come up with new services now and then.

    • He needs to keep track of regular office supplies and should put an order in case of shortage.

Apart from these, some more tasks add to the profile of the community manager list like greeting guests, chat with members, posting photos and videos, analyzing data, preparing charts, etc. Also, the intensity and count of his responsibilities depend on a particular workplace.

Bottom line

community manager is a bridge between the co-working members and the staff, as he understands the requirements and queries of the members and staff. He is in continuous touch with the members and knows the methods to communicate efficiently with them. With the services he provides, a community manager adds intangible value to a co-working, resulting in uplifting the price value of the services by a co-working.



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