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The Future Of Coworking Looks Nothing Like Coworking

Our Experts highlight 4 innovative coworking spaces and how they’re continually adapting to meet the needs of their communities.

Just about ten years ago, the concept of coworking disrupted the way we think about where we work and how we work. 

But coworking spaces were still the stomping grounds of the gig economy; freelancers and startup teams made up the majority of the memberships, and the traditional office still reigned supreme. 

Then the pandemic hit. 

We all know this in our bones by now: remote work was suddenly required, and it became commonplace. And once lockdowns were lifted, the world had a clearer understanding of how coworking spaces can benefit most laptop-focused workers. 

Teams — even whole companies — found themselves at the end of expensive commercial real estate leases and thought, “Why not?” 

As we make our way through 2022, we can see first-hand that the umbrella term that is coworking continues to widen and welcome in more creative models of shared spaces, communal resources, niche audiences, and purpose-driven communities. 

Propques power coworking spaces, and we get to meet these creative and innovative implementations in our Client Base ( Start Your Own Coworking Space). 

I’m excited to highlight a few of them as inspiration. As you can see, they probably don’t conform to the general view of ‘coworking’ — and that’s why the future of coworking is so exciting. 

1. Workjar

Workjar Coworking Owner owned a standalone building, converted into professional shared office space in Indore, India.

We believe professional environments bolster small businesses. So we have created just that – a place where you can be proud to work with your team & coworkers. Workjar shared office design is driven by the knowledge that people spend a lot of time in offices, so your office environment should be the best it can be.

Fine-looking. Flexible. Responsible. Social. Healthy.

2. Summit Space

Summit Space Owner, Owned Summit Corporate Park

We don’t just rent offices. We are offering fully managed Executive offices in premium building in affordable price- the professional image you see for yourself, the infrastructure you need to hit the ground running, and business support services to back you up every step of the way.

Unbranded Suite – We do not put our company name outside of our suite doors. This is done very specifically to reserve the image of the space for every client’s benefit. For this reason, we do not put company names outside our furnished office doors nor do we number them. Only your name will be placed outside of your office door. This enhances the image of the suite for all companies’ benefit and encourages networking within the suite.

3. Workvistar

Workvistar Owner owned multiple small floor plates in multiple locations.

We provide vibrant and productive workspaces design led to encourage real growth through productivity, collaboration, and simplicity. If you’re looking for private offices on flexible terms, We offer the right solution with a personalized touch. With an emphasis on building a membership base of talented entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry leaders, and innovators, Our Workspace is more than just a place of work, it is a professional community defined entirely by the needs of its members.

4. Cubispace

Cubispace Owner, owned multiple car showrooms in multiple locations, where they are providing All-inclusive executive office space and Instant Move-in team suites space for any size team, where you can grow your team & business without any distraction. Space that follows the ergonomic rule of the workspace.

While the definition of the ‘office’ has been thoroughly disrupted, I’m happy to say that the definition of coworking is fluid and non-conforming. It’s not a building anymore. Instead, coworking is shared resources, a spirit of community, and a camaraderie of common passions. 

This is Adarsh at Propques, (+91-9511434443, adarsh@propques.com) a marketplace to create & add coworking space business.

Armed with big smiles, over 6 years of national experience, operational expertise, and in-depth industry knowledge our goal was and still is today to help as many individuals as possible establish their own footprint in the flexible workspace industry.

We waited a long time to say this…

But there has never been a more exciting time in this industry and we want to be right there driving strategies that work, formulas that produce fantastic ROI and provide free operational resources for existing providers and their teams across India – no matter where they might be in their flexible workspace journey.

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