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What to expect in this masterclass?


Comprehensive Understanding of Commercial Property Investments Get ready to dive deep into the world of commercial real estate! This masterclass offers a 360-degree view of different property types, investment strategies, and market trends.


Strategies for Generating Passive Income Discover actionable strategies to boost your passive income through commercial property investments. From property selection to financing, we've got your income optimization covered.


Risk Mitigation Techniques Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of the commercial real estate market with effective risk management techniques. Safeguard your investments for a more secure and stable portfolio.


Practical Insights from Industry Experts Gain wisdom from seasoned professionals in the field! Our masterclass features real-world examples, case studies, and practical advice to guide you on your commercial property investment journey.


Interactive Learning and Q&A Sessions Engage in lively Q&A sessions with our instructors and industry experts. This masterclass is not just about learning; it's about personalized guidance and addressing your specific concerns. Get ready for an interactive experience.

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Who should join?

An Aspiring Investors​

Seasoned Investors Seeking Diversification

Real Estate Enthusiasts

Financial Freedom Seekers

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Anyone Interested in Passive Income

Meet Your Mentor CEO, Propques

Presenting Nimit Shah

Nimit Shah is the Founder of Growth Factory, a Digital Marketing Agency who has delivered High Quality Lead Generation Campaigns for his clients.

Nimit Shah's extensive knowledge about Performance Marketing has helped Hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs implement.

Delivered High Quality Lead Generation campaigns for his clients such a Rustomjee, Sunteck, Tata Housing & many more and generated over 11 lakh leads & 1,000Cr+ in Sales


Abhijit Desai
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"Limited capital has always been a concern for me. The webinar addressed this head-on, offering alternative options and outlining minimum investment requirements. I appreciated the practical advice, making commercial property investing accessible for individuals like me."
Raj Singh
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"Being an experienced investor, I was seeking diversification. This webinar not only met but exceeded my expectations. The speakers shared real-world experiences, and the tips for minimizing risks were particularly enlightening. It's a must-attend for anyone looking to broaden their investment portfolio."
Vikram Garg
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"Joining this webinar was a game-changer for me! As an aspiring investor, I gained invaluable insights into commercial property investing. The strategies provided were practical and easy to implement. Thanks to the webinar, I now feel confident navigating the real estate market."

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide a brief explanation of what commercial property investment entails, emphasizing the purchase and ownership of properties for the purpose of generating passive income.

Explain the concept of passive income in the context of commercial real estate, highlighting rental income and potential appreciation.

Discuss various types of commercial properties such as office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties, and others, and explain their potential for passive income.

Highlight advantages such as stable cash flow, potential tax benefits, and portfolio diversification.

Provide insights into the initial investment required and potential financing options for those looking to start their commercial property investment journey.

Discuss the average ROI in the commercial real estate market and factors that can influence returns.

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