Monetize empty CRE properties with coworking.

Complete a brief questionnaire regarding your property, and we'll provide insights into the most suitable coworking arrangement for you. Propques swiftly generates a complimentary PDF report, offering a financial analysis of five distinct coworking business models.

Explore the potential performance of
various coworking models within your available space.

Conventional Lease

Conventional model: 5-10 year leases, 3% annual increases, rent-free period, Tenant Improvement budget; no profit sharing, with inherent risk.

Management Contract

Emerging coworking model: company manages space for the landlord, flexible arrangements for buildout, ownership, and profit sharing.

Joint Venture

Conventional collaboration: landlord and operator share buildout costs, responsibilities, and profits based on ownership shares.


Landlord operates with franchise support, gaining marketing, operations, and planning assistance in exchange for a share of the revenue.

Start Your Own

Landlords directly own and operate the space, requiring hands-on oversight in hospitality and marketing for profitability and sustained occupancy

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